Montreal Canadiens Habs NFTs

The Montreal Canadiens are releasing NFTs to celebrate their Finals run

The Habs are joining the wild world of non-fungible tokens.

The Montreal Canadiens are joining the wild world of NFTs. In celebration of the team’s recent playoff run, the Habs will release a series of “digital art collectibles.”

Habs NFTs will drop Sept. 2.

The series of drops will include commemorative pucks, digital tickets and visual highlights of the Habs’ 2021 Stanley Cup experience.

The prices for the Montreal Canadiens NFTs range from $25 (base) to $50 (rare). These releases will be available for purchase via credit card only. This is unlike many other non-fungible tokens, which are purchasable with cryptocurrency.

Groupe CH’s President of Sports and Entertainment, France Margaret Bélanger, hopes that the release will usher in the next era of Montreal Canadiens collectible items.

“On the heels of an unforgettable season, we’re thrilled to provide fans with a unique way to own a digital piece of history in a format that recalls traditional card collecting familiar to generations…We’re hoping to make NFT ownership viable to as wide an audience as possible, and allow collectors of all ages and means the chance to participate in this initiative.”

The first Montreal Canadiens NFTs begin releasing on Friday, Sept. 2 until Saturday, Sept. 25. For more information, please click here.

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