Robin comes out as bisexual in Batman: Urban Legends comic series

After decades of wishful-thinking fan art, Batman’s sidekick comes out.

Batman’s sidekick Robin is revealed to be bisexual in the latest installment of Batman: Urban Legends. At the end of issue #6, the Tim Drake version of Robin asks out his longtime friend Bernard Dowd on a date.

Bernard Dowd has appeared in several comics alongside Batman and Robin over the years. In issue #125 of Robin Vol. 2, Dowd claims to have a crush on Drake’s stepmom, Dana Winters. The recent Urban Legends comic ends on a cliffhanger, after Dowd agrees to the date. The next issue of the alternative Batman series is set for a December release.

Meghan Fitzmartin, the writer who penned the Robin bisexual storyline, had some words to say in celebration of the big reveal.

Longtime Batman sidekick Robin is the latest comic book superhero who is revealed to be bisexual.

Robin is in good company at DC Comics. Some of the publishing company’s other LGBTQ+ superheroes include Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.

Last year, Boy Wonder celebrated 80 years since his first comic book appearance. Robin has been romantically linked to other characters in the past, including Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl in a 1975 issue of the Batman Family comics.

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