22-year-old vaccine lottery winner explains why he got vaccinated

Pro-science, anti-misinformation.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé shared a video this morning of 22-year-old Trent Fingler, Manitoba’s newest vaccine lottery winner, explaining why he got vaccinated.

Applause erupted in the room following what should be considered a very basic statement: that he trusts the medical field’s expertise regarding the safety of vaccines.

“I got vaccinated because, full disclosure, I trust the scientific and medical personnel who have dedicated their life’s work to understanding and preventing these diseases. They understand it better than the vast majority of people on this planet and they are trying their absolute best to make it possible that we can return to some amount of normalcy.”

Fingler also commented on frustration over the amount of misinformation about vaccines, which causes vaccine hesitancy.

“The amount of misinformation is not only a little irritating to a person day-to-day, but is legitimately dangerous moving forward. Because you have these echo chambers and if you look for misinformation, you are going to find it. So your best option to understand the safety and necessity behind vaccines is to contact medical professionals — your local doctor, someone who understands why this needs to happen.”

Christian Dubé shared the video, stating that “chance often does things well,” referring to the explanations of Fingler as “very clear.”

Check out the video below. For more on the vaccine lottery in Quebec, please click here.

22-year-old vaccine lottery winner Trent Fingler explains why he got vaccinated

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