Tracy’s Dog Turboo: Every Man’s Pleasure Will Never Be The Same

One of the must-try sex toys for men in the market today.

Normally, men’s pleasure came from plain sex and masturbation. However, what happens if you do not have access to a sexual experience, and masturbating isn’t giving you enough pleasure? Now, this is where masturbators like Turboo gets into picture.

Tracy’s dog innovated Turboo with an exclusive mechanism you won’t find in other male masturbators out there. As a result, more and more consumers are trying Tracy’s Dog Turboo. In fact, plenty of customer reviews are already persuading other online shoppers.

What Differentiates Tracy’s Dog Turboo From Other Similar Products Then?

Turboo’s compelling features provide an edge over other male masturbators. What you thought has been enough pleasure before will be different with Tracy’s Dog Turboo. If you are curious, take a look at the features you might be looking forward to.  

Proprietary CFEET

Turboo’s advantage over other male masturbators is the all-new feature called CFEET or Centrifugal Ejaculation Enhancement Technology. It generates enough output to create ultra-high rotational speed allowing a centrifugal force to occur. The resulting pressure will provide extra stimulation for the male genitalia; thus, a different kind of pleasure is attained.

Three Modes Of Dynamic Vibration And Frequency

The dynamic vibration modes offer three-level grip-based vibration frequencies. Meaning, the vibration speed drastically increases as the grip position changes. What a way to conveniently incorporate an easy access vibration system, right? CFEET made it possible, which also allows up to 13000 rounds per minute of powerful frequencies.

USB Charging Capability

There’s no time limit to your pleasurable session as you enjoy a long-lasting experience with turboo’s battery capacity! This sex toy is equivalent to 60 long minutes of continuous pleasure for every full charge. Thus, you won’t be minding how much time you have left for your sexy play time.

Ipx7 Rating: 100% Waterproof

A waterproof device is a big plus when it comes to considering a durable product. As such, Turboo isn’t second to the last with its offer of an Ipx7 rating that allows water exposure for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

Odorless Medical-Grade Silicone Material

An odorless adult toy is what many people look for when searching for the said item, more so if it is also safe to use. In this case, Turboo gives you the best of both worlds since it is guaranteed safe to use. Its material is made up of medical-grade silicone-based material. Moreover, It is FDA approved due to being biocompatible, thus you won’t have to worry about its quality.

Stretchable Silicone

If you are worried that Turboo cannot accommodate your size, worry no more. The stretchability of turboo’s high-quality silicone component allows it to cater to all penile sizes. So, go ahead and indulge yourself in the great ecstasy of pleasure this toy gives!

What Do Customers Feel About Tracy’s Dog’s New Male Masturbator?

An honest review provides potential customers a brief idea about the product they are eying for. It is also a way of persuasion to use the product like they did, thus, generating sales. For better understanding, here are some of turboo’s compelling feedbacks from people who experience it firsthand.


Great toy with three modes setting, it brought me ecstasy in no time at all. Full of a sense of science and technology. I was lucky to get this baby well worth the money. Treat yourself, you won’t be disappointed.”


When I received the toy, I was deeply attracted by its appearance, and felt that the material was great. I like its 3 modes, they let me experience orgasm very quickly, it’s awesome!!”

“Fabulous cup Fabulous CUP!

Out of the packaging, I like the rocket shape, a techy looking bit of kit. Well, I received it this morning and I’ve already used it twice. It’s been incredible, the many soft silicone inner brushes are a great tease on the shaft! And it’s so powerful in hand with 3 vibration modes. While stuck at home I can only imagine how many more times I’ll use this stroker. And it’s a waterproof automatic male masturbator, that’s super! I’ll defo try it out while taking a shower.”

“The best!!!

My friend recommended that I buy it. This toy did not disappoint me!!! Three modes for you to choose. It is fully automatic. It is the first time to use such a high-tech male masturbator cup. I really like it!”

“Oh my, unbelievable

This is the best masturbator I have ever owned. It has a great rocket shape, it’s easy to hold and use and feels utterly fantastic.Its really easy to clean as you can open it up and rinse easily and then let it air by placing it on its stand.If you want something that looks real, then this isn’t the toy for you. It has a really slick design. Really great toy to have with a quick and easy cleanup.”

As you can see, most of these people found a new comfort in Turboo.  Due to its uniqueness and quality product, customers have been praising this adult toy!

To Conclude

Due to sex toy industry’s continuous innovation and willingness to adapt to the current global dilemma, Turboo was born. The development of CFEET incorporated in their newest male masturbator gave their consumers a different kind of bliss. Hence, Turboo is definitely one of the must-try sex toys for men in the market today.

Thinking of getting one? It is easy to get your hands on Tracy’s Dog Turboo. Just visit and start your Turboojourney now.