What Are the Most Popular Ways to Gamble for Canadians?

With so many gambling forms to choose from, Canadians are spoilt for choice.

You might not associate Canada with gambling, but it has a long history with the pastime. Europe and Asia are viewed as hotbeds, mainly because wagering is legal and has prospered for decades. However, North America is desperately attempting to make up for lost time by legalising a range of gambling services.

The result is that Canada now has more than 1,000 gambling-related businesses and the industry employs around 37,000 people. So, its impact on the country shouldn’t be understated. The question is, what are the most popular formats for Canadians? Continue reading to find out.

Casino Games

Casino games have always been popular in Canada as the legislation surrounding the law is open to loopholes. For example, even when gambling was illegal, certain bodies and provinces could sanction licences if they wanted to, which is why the likes of Casino de Montreal have prospered. Recently, the fact that internet-based providers aren’t technically outlawed means that online slots have only seen their popularity skyrocket. Slot machines are well-liked anyway and are typically wagering establishments’ most lucrative format, but the rise of the online sector has only seen their influence cemented within Canadian culture. Of course, table games are well thought of, too, especially poker and blackjack.


Canada has a rich history with sports. Not only does the country work well with its American neighbour to combine resources in the NHL and MLB, but it has its own leagues. The main example is the Canadian Football League or CFL. Although Canadian football is similar toAmerican football, it has specific differences that make it appealing to residents of the Great White North. When you combine this demand with the number of sportsbooks available for a single game, it’s not hard to see why so many people like to have a flutter when the league begins in the summer.


Lotteries are often overlooked for several reasons – but that’s a mistake because they are usually a firm favourite among customers. This is true in Canada, where 50% of the nation’s residents have played a lottery in the past year. In comparison, casino and sportsbook services are nowhere near this level of popularity. Research suggests that people enjoy accessibility of the game, since it’seasy to fill out a piece of paper or ask for a coupon over the counter. The fact that lotteries are also available online only adds to the sector’s dominance, as does the industry being regulated for longer. Regarding gambling in Canada, lotteries are at the top of the hierarchy.


Bingo has had a renaissance in recent years. It went out of fashion in the 90s and 2000s, before coming back with a bang in the 2010s. The UK has one of the largest bingo markets in the world, but Canada is another location where the game is making significant strides. The fact that offshore betting companies are available in Canada means that bingo is bound to benefit from the exposure. After all, most offshore brands have UK licences and permits. Plus, it’s simple to play and offers a wide range of variations to ensure the novelty doesn’t wear thin.

With so many gambling forms to choose from, Canadians are spoilt for choice. However, lotteries and casino games like slot machines stand out from the rest, while sportsbooks and bingo are rapidly gaining traction.