Nathaniel Veltman

London terrorist is now officially facing terrorism charges

Calling it what it is.

Nathaniel Veltman, the 20-year-old accused of running down a family in London, Ontario on June 6, is now facing terrorism charges. He was already charged with four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder following his arrest immediately following the incident.

Muslim groups and allies across Canada and beyond have been calling for terrorism charges for the past week.

According to a criminal defence lawyer interviewed by CTV, terrorism charges would have been laid against Nathaniel Veltman due to the discovery of evidence, whether that be physical evidence on Veltman’s computer or elsewhere in his residence, or from statements made to law enforcement by people who knew Veltman, or by the suspect himself. The lawyer suggested that it could take roughly a year for the investigation to be conducted and a guilty plea to be entered.

Veltmam, who does not currently have legal representation, was told about the new charge in court this morning. His next court appearance is scheduled for Monday, June 21.

Nine-year-old Fayez Afzaal, the only survivor of the attack, is still recovering in hospital. His family was laid to rest over the weekend in coffins draped in Canadian flags.

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