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François Legault: Quebec has enough immigrants

There is no right time for xenophobia, but it’s a particularly bad week for anti-immigrant comments in Canada.

This morning, Quebec Premier François Legault responded to an opposition statement about labour and immigrants. Quebec Liberal Party Deputy Monsef Derraji tweeted about the province’s labour shortage, which he says is the worst of any province in Canada. “The situation is all the more alarming as we are in the midst of a period of accelerated deconfinement,” Derraji added.

In his response, Legault said that the Liberal Party of Quebec wants to increase the number of immigrants in the province. The Premier then went on state that “the CAQ believes that Quebec has already reached its capacity for integration.”

Derraji responded by criticizing Legault’s rhetoric and reminding him that he is the Premier of Quebec.

Mr. François Legault, the Liberal Party of Quebec wants us to solve the labour problems for our small to medium-sized businesses and our regions. Stop your dogmatism. Our regions want answers and solutions, not com lines. I would like to remind you that you are the Premier of Quebec.

—Monsef Derraji
François Legault: Quebec has enough immigrants

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