Rogers Trump

Suzanne Rogers, Donald Trump, Edward S. Rogers (right). Canadaland | Twitter

The chairman of Rogers and the Blue Jays hung out with Trump at Mar-a-Lago last night

“A special way to end the night.”

Last night, Suzanne Rogers, the wife of Rogers Communications / Blue Jays chairman Edward S. Rogers, posted a photo of her family with Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. The photo has since been deleted from Instagram stories.

Rogers Trump
Rogers / Blue Jays chairman Edward Rogers hung out with Trump at Mar-a-Lago

After the Trump photo was tweeted by Canadaland, speculation began about whether the family would abide by quarantine regulations upon their return to Canada. It has also been noted that Suzanne Rogers — “the fairy godmother of Canadian fashion” — and at least part of her family spent four months in the Bahamas over the winter.

The photo has also prompted calls for a Rogers / Fido boycott on social media.

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