Quebec restaurants to reopen May 31, bars on June 14, curfew ending May 28

The province’s deconfinement plan paints a picture of life after COVID.

In a press conference this evening at 5 p.m., the Quebec government made a long-awaited announcement about the province’s plan for deconfinement, including the end of the curfew, the reopening of businesses and the resumption of private gatherings, festivals and other activities that have been banned due the pandemic.

Quebec Premier François Legault started the press conference by stating that, given the fact that 75% of adults in the province are vaccinated or have made their appointment to get the vaccine, the goal to get everyone who wants a vaccine vaccinated by June 24 has been moved up to June 15.

The major dates for Quebec deconfinement and reopening are as follows:

On May 28, there will be no more curfew, restaurant terrasses can reopen, outdoor gatherings of eight people will be legalized and theatres and stadiums can welcome 250 spectators per section, 2,500 in total. Travel between regions will be allowed.

On May 31, the vast majority of Quebec regions will move from red to orange zones, meaning that restaurants can reopen for indoor dining and gyms can reopen. (By “the vast majority,” Health Minister Christian Dubé and public health director Horacio Arruda clarified, this means that the zone shifts will occur barring spikes in infections. Delays of a week or two are not out of the question.)

On June 11, bar terrasses can reopen.

On June 14, the vast majority of Quebec regions will move from orange to yellow zones, which means in-home gatherings between two bubbles will be legal.

By June 28, most Quebec regions will become green zones, gatherings of up to 10 people indoors will be legal, and organized sports can begin again.

On June 25, people who have received both doses of the vaccine can meet indoors without masks or distancing, and outdoor festivals will be permitted.

By the end of August, 75% of people over 12 should have received both doses of the vaccine, so masks will no longer be mandatory. All students will be able to attend school in person as of Aug. 31, whether or not they’ve received their second vaccine dose.

Dubé noted that vaccination appointments for second doses might be moved up in an effort to get everyone vaccinated with both doses by Aug. 31.

Quebec deconfinement
Quebec deconfinement plan

I want to say thank you to all Quebecers. It is thanks to our collective efforts & it is because we stick together that I can tell you that from May 28, we will find a little freedom everywhere in Quebec.

—François Legault
Quebec restaurants to reopen May 31, bars on June 14, curfew ending May 28

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