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Montreal is the #1 best city for students in Canada: study

Four of the top five cities are in Quebec.

A new study of university towns in Canada has found Montreal to be the best city in the country for students to live in. The study took into account everything from financial factors (tuition, rent, beer) to the percentage of young people, university graduates and diverse demographics among the population. Also factored into the study were crime statistic, sustainability, the accessibility of vegan food and the proximity of national parks.

Montreal is the #1 best city for students in Canada: study

Even aside from Montreal ranking #1, the province of Quebec fared extremely well, with four Quebec cities ranking among the top five. The others were Rouyn-Noranda (#2), Trois-Rivières (#3) and Quebec City (#5). (Charlottetown, PEI was #4, incidentally.)

Among the other big cities in Canada, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto ranked #9, #10 and #11, respectively.

The research was conducted by a British organization called Studee, which “helps international students find their dream university.”

See the complete list and methodology from Studee here.

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