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Hard high from softgels? We put cannabis pills to the test three ways

Post-punk and electro R&B, dream enhancement and a walk in the great outdoors — on pills!

Okay, so I’ll start this month’s column off with a disclaimer: the product I’m reviewing does not appear to be available at the SQDC, at least not for now. So… maybe this is a preview of a future SQDC product? In any case, since I’m currently cooped up at my parents’ house in the Eastern Townships, and the nearest location is quite a trek away, I decided I’d instead try out some legal cannabis products that I already had lying around. 

I discovered that, while the Ottawa-based company Hexo does sell softgels in CBD form via the SQDC’s website, the THC capsules appear to not yet be available (mine were bought online, directly from Hexo). I gave these capsules a go to see whether or not the THC equivalents are a product the SQDC should think about acquiring any time soon. (I also read the thco cart review and learned about THC products that would be good to acquire.)

Hexo Softgels THC capsules

I took these bad boys on three separate occasions. Although there are only just under 5 mg of THC in each one, they pack a decent amount of power in an extremely tiny, orange, spherical package that looks halfway between antidepressants and Wonka candies. Mixing both MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) and cannabis oil, these THC softgels definitely lean more toward the “body high” side than the head side. Despite containing no CBD, it nonetheless did a good job of relaxing me. The first night I used it was whilst browsing the Internet after a long, hard day. It doesn’t give off a particularly overwhelming sensation, but it does make music more fun to listen to. Whether that’s the driving post-punk of Shame or the hugely danceable funk of Montreal’s double Grammy-winning pride and joy Kaytranada, the subtleties and basslines definitely hit harder with these tiny spheres full of uplifting chemicals in your system. Or maybe my headphones are just really top-notch… or maybe both? Who the fuck knows.

The second night, I gave it a go as I tried falling asleep. After smoking some other weed I had lying around earlier, I decided to add a softgel to the mix to see if that would elevate my high further. As much as that could’ve been a dumb idea (and honestly, it kinda was), I had a pretty nice, peaceful sleep. Pretty weird dreams, though. I had one dream where I was back in high school and trying to work on a project, but kept getting sidetracked. Then, I had another where it was a COVID-free reality and I was in the airport trying to catch a flight over and over again, but I missed it each time. What does any of that mean? I don’t know, but any of you who are well-versed in dream interpretation are welcome to teach me. Regardless, I slept pretty well.

Lastly, I took two softgels at once, and went for a walk around the town. Despite the day itself being incredibly cold, gloomy and a smidge rainy, the tiny raindrops crashing against my face didn’t faze me as much as they probably would have sober. I was definitely higher while doing two pills at once, but it still wasn’t an overwhelming feeling. Either way, being high in this small town makes me sad that I only have one pizza restaurant to satisfy my munchies with, if I wanted to. Shit. Now I’m craving pizza as I type this. Predictable. 

Long story short: yes, the SQDC should be selling these softgels. In fact, going for walks around Montreal this summer after swallowing these bad boys would be quite the relaxing experience — and for the SQDC, an untapped opportunity to make bank as a result. 8.5/10

This column originally appeared in the April 2021 issue of Cult MTL. Read more SQDC cannabis reviews here. For more about legal cannabis in Quebec, please visit the SQDC website.

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