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An open letter to Montreal restaurant owners, staff and patrons

Some words of encouragement during these exciting times.

Many Montreal restaurants have reopened their doors today. Here are some simple reaffirmations we should all remember during these times:

To restaurant owners: Today is the big day! Slowly but surely, life is returning back to normal. In a best case scenario, beloved customers will be returning to your doors. There will also be new foodies looking to explore. Take a moment to reflect on what makes your establishment so great.

It may take time for some to rediscover your restaurant…and that is ok. It is important to remember that patrons have different comfort levels and that distancing measures must be respected. Lead by example, show Montreal why you are an exemplary establishment.

Pub Burgundy Lion is one of the many Montreal restaurants reopening its doors today

To restaurant staff: Today is the big day! This may be your first time working a restaurant job. You have been dealt an exciting, albeit sometimes stressful work experience. Take a deep breath. Be easy on yourself — mistakes are okay.

To those of you who are veterans in the industry, lead with compassion. Remember what it was like when you started and look at your new peers through an empathetic lens. Montreal is excited to get back to restaurants and you are all the first faces they will see.

To restaurant patrons: Today is the big day! At long last, summer has returned. Once again, we are able to eat, drink and laugh with friends and family in a place other than houses (your own houses) or parks.

Not everything will be perfect. This is the first time that many establishments have opened their doors in months. This is the first time some staff members have ever had a service industry job. Remember to be patient and respectful, and respectful of public health rules that remain in place for a safe reopening. This should be an enjoyable experience for everyone and it is your job to hold that up on the receiving end.

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