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Made for Love (new on Amazon Prime Video)

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Dark comedy Made for Love, sci-fi thriller Stowaway, horror series NOS4A2 & more!

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New on Netflix

new on Netflix
Why Are You Like This (new on Netflix)

This is perhaps the slowest week in memory over at Netflix. It’s hard to even pinpoint what the “big release” might be this week between the Italian series Zero (which focuses on the Black Italian experience), the Australian comedy Why Are You Like This and Life in Colour With David Attenborough, the newest nature show from the nature-show legend. Movie-wise it’s not much more exciting: the platform welcomes the Ryan Philippe action film The 2nd as well as Ocean’s 11.

New on Amazon Prime Video

Stowaway new on Netflix
Stowaway (new on Amazon Prime Video)

Cristin Miloti (Fargo, Palm Springs) stars in Made for Love, a dark comedy based on the 2017 novel by Alissa Nutting in which she plays a woman who leaves her husband only to find he has implanted a chip in her brain to control her. Also hitting the service today is Frank of Ireland, a show starring brothers Brian and Domnhall Gleeson as a do-nothing slacker and his doofy sidekick. Brendan Gleeson, on the other hand, stars in Stephen King adaptation Mr. Mercedes, all three seasons of which are also making their way to Amazon today. In a bizarre series of connections, April 21 sees the release of NOS4A2 (pronounced Nosferatu), a horror series based on a novel by Joe Hill… also known as Stephen King’s son! 

In a manner unrelated to sons and fathers and extremely wealthy horror writers, April 22 also sees the release of Stowaway, a sci-fi thriller starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette. 

New on Crave

new on Netflix
Mare of Easttown (new on Crave)

As of today, Crave has the second part of the fourth season of hit Canadian sci-fi Western Wynonna Earp, which officially comes to an end after a rather complicated production. Also available as of today is Sean Durkin’s drama The Nest, starring Jude Law and Carrie Coon, and the apocalyptic hipster comedy Save Yourselves! starring Sunita Mani (G.L.O.W.) and John Reynolds (Search Party). Kate Winslet stars in Mare of Easttown (April 18), a miniseries in which she plays a small-town detective trying to solve a murder. (Early reviews are pretty good considering the premise could apply to about 500 shows in the history of television.) It’s also worth noting that Crave will drop a curated collection of Canadian films for Canadian Film Day on April 21 as well as two curated collections to celebrate Hot Docs and Earth Day on April 22.

New on Disney Plus / Star

new on Netflix
Big Shot (new on Disney Plus / Star)

John Stamos stars in Big Shot, a dramedy in which he portrays a major-league basketball coach who loses his job and finds himself coaching at an all-girl private school. It’s available today on Disney Plus alongside additions like both of the Rio films and season 16 of American Dad.

New on CBC Gem

Blackstone (new on CBC Gem)

Season 2 of Blackstone premieres today alongside the BBC documentary series Climate Change: Ade on the Frontlines. ■

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A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series streaming on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus / Star and CBC Gem