Warner Bros. played a mean April Fools’ joke on Mortal Kombat fans

“Check out the most intense fatalities in the upcoming #MortalKombatMovie!”

At a little after midnight last night, Warner Bros. Canada set up a post on Instagram for the new Mortal Kombat movie, which is being released later this month on April 23. (Check out our sneak peek here.)

As this is one of the most hyped movies of the year, hardcore fans would do pretty much anything to have another peek at any part of the movie. The trailer for Mortal Kombat literally broke records when it was released, becoming the most viewed R-rated red-band trailer of all time.

So you can imagine how Mortal Kombat fans would have reacted to the post’s caption: “Check out the most intense fatalities in the upcoming #MortalKombatMovie!” (Fatalities are one of the sickest parts of the game, ranging from Kano’s heart rip and Liu Kang’s dragon to Raiden’s overload and Mileena’s devourer.)

There were three photos in the Warner Bros. Instagram post, all with blurred out backgrounds and a warning for sensitive content: “This video contains content that some people may find upsetting.” Below the warning was written “See Video.” Now, your immediate reaction is to tap “See Video,” and then again when the video doesn’t load. This of course doesn’t make any sense, since it’s Instagram and photos aren’t really clickable unless they’re sponsored (which this one was not), or if it’s selling a product. And then it hits you — April Fools’!

Warner Bros. Canada played a mean April Fools’ joke on Mortal Kombat fans

“Ohh y’all got jokes now,” one comment read. Other comments ranged from “Rude” to “It ain’t April fools everywhere yet.”

Either way, great job Warner Bros. Canada. We can’t wait to see this movie!

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