Segreta Roman pizza parc ex montreal

Segreta serves up primo Roman pizza slices in Parc Ex

A welcome addition to the Parc Ex restaurant scene.

On a stark stretch of Beaumont near Parc Avenue in Parc Ex, a new pizza place called Segreta opened its doors in March. Owned by Richi Ourichian, Segreta is one of the very few Montreal restaurants to specialize in Roman al taglio pizza — thick rectangular, pan-baked slices characterized by authentic dough. The dough is rendered with “a unique and secret recipe,” according to Segreta, involving fermentation for 72 to 96 hours.

The rosso varieties include basics like Margherita, pepperoni and “NYC cheese,” along with Amatriciano (with Italian smoked bacon, chili, spicy olive oil and pecorino Romano cheese), while bianca options include rosemary potatoes and smoked caciocavallo cheese & potatoes.

We tried three types: two slices of Margherita and one each of NYC cheese and mushroom & sausage, served to go (obviously) in their signature extra wide rectangular pizza box. We were impressed — the sauces, the topping and the special dough come together to create a super satisfying slice. This is a very welcome addition to Beaumont (across from Vietnamese/French spot Denise and down the street from Toqué offshoot le Beau Mont) and to Parc Ex, which is a little light on pizza.

Parc Ex pizza spot Segreta serves up primo Roman slices in Montreal
Parc Ex pizza spot Segreta serves up primo Roman slices in Montreal

Segreta is located at 413 Beaumont. For the complete menu, hours and more, please visit their website.

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