Quebec Olympics

Quebec City wants to host the 2030 Olympics

A Quebec 2030 Committee hopes to cohost the Winter Olympics with another Canadian city.

A Quebec 2030 Committee has outlined its plan in hopes to cohost the 2030 Winter Olympics in Quebec City alongside another Canadian city.

A teaser poster for the potential Quebec 2030 Olympics

“We had discussions with other Canadian cities to clearly demonstrate the interest [in] Quebec City,” said businessman Mark Charest, the founder of the committee. (He did not name the cities in question.) Charest estimates that these Olympics would cost an estimated $5-billion.

There are many uphill battles, however. Quebec City is lacking suitable venues for a number of sports, including skiing, bobsleighing and luging. West Coast Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Calgary have the infrastructure for these events, both having previously hosted Winter Olympics. At this time, Vancouver appears to be the Canadian city with the greatest chance of hosting the 2030 games.

Mark Charest, founder of the Quebec 2030 Olympics committee

“Obviously Vancouver is positioning itself, just like us, and ultimately the national committees will have a decision to make,” says Charest. The businessman and his committee are moving forward with their plans despite Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Quebec City, shooting down the idea in November 2020.

Quebec City has previously made two attempts to host the Olympic Games, in 2002 and 2010 — Salt Lake City and Vancouver hosted the games in those years, respectively. 2010 was the last times the Olympics took place in Canada.

The host city will be announced in India in 2023. The Quebec 2030 Committee will have formal discussions with the Canadian Olympic Committee soon and make an “official filing” at the top of said year.

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