Popular Places To Play Bingo In Montreal

From huge halls to local spots, we’ll discover some of the city’s favourite places for playing bingo in all it’s forms.

As the world of bingo continues to boom, players everywhere are heading online and to their local halls for a slice of the fun. From traditional bingo to slick online versions of the game, every style of this historic pastime is enjoying a renaissance of interest. 

One nation that truly loves its bingo is Canada, with players across the country going in for a game whenever the mood strikes them. In Montreal, one of the nation’s largest cities, bingo is one of the top activities enjoyed by players of all ages!

In this article, we will take a peek into the most popular places to play bingo in Montreal. From huge halls to local spots, we’ll discover some of the city’s favourite places for playing bingo in all its forms.

Let’s kick off with a look at what could be the finest bingo hall anywhere in the largest city in Quebec.

Bingo Lachine

Located in the centre of Montreal, this beloved bingo hall is one of the city’s temples of the game. Popular with players of all ages, Bingo Lachine is known for its all-day operations that offer games throughout the morning, afternoon and into the evening.

Bingo Lachine has seen some big wins down the years, whilst the convivial atmosphere means even those who don’t land a jackpot win will leave feeling happier. Serving delicious food and beverages, Bingo Lachine has everything you could need to enjoy a long day of playing game after game of bingo in Montreal city.

Whilst spots such as Bingo Lachine remain popular, players from Montreal and beyond are heading online for their bingo fun in increasing numbers. Convenient, fun and easy to use, online bingo is growing rapidly. You can check out this list of bingo sites to find out which sites are currently accepting players from Canada.

Bingo Pointe Aux Trembles

One of the city’s top bingo halls, Bingo Pointe Aux Trembles is a huge place to play in the northern area of Montreal. Offering a restaurant serving up delicious local cuisine including sandwiches, pasta and salads, Bingo Pointe Aux Trembles is a first-rate spot to enjoy some bingo in Montreal.

A larger hall, the ambience here can get seriously exciting and the games take place pretty much all day every day. In between enjoying a bingo game, you can grab a bite or a drink and hit their slot machines, which promise further chances to win big and enjoy some stimulating gaming.

Bingo St-Vincent-de-Paul

Bingo is bouncing back across the world and this popular spot in Montreal city has been a top bingo hall for quite some time. Offering both electronic and traditional paper bingo card games, this place is packed most days of the week, with Bingo St-Vincent-de-Paul a state of the art hall. Known for its friendly service, excellent game choice and of course some delicious snacks and drinks options to boot, there can be no wonder this spot is so popular.

Perfect for grabbing a few friends and hitting the bingo cards or even for a few solo rounds after a long day’s work, this legendary spot is truly one of the most popular places to play bingo in Montreal.