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LISTEN: MINOE drops “Burden,” an ode to awkward first dates

New music from a talented Montreal R&B act.

Montreal R&B singer MINOE is back with more new music. Fresh off the feels of her intoxicating single “Crazy” earlier this year, the songstress follows up with “Burden.”

“‘Burden’ is a song I wrote after an awkward first date about feeling like my presence was too much for someone to handle,” MINOE wrote in an Instagram post explaining the meaning of the track. “No one should ever make me feel like I’m too much or that I need to tone myself down. People who aren’t comfortable with your light shining are often people who aren’t comfortable with their own, and that’s okay! It takes time!”

Indeed, dating can be awkward, especially during COVID times. Many new couples have been forced to take things extra slow, often meeting online or at a safe social distance for their first dates. People must also become more creative for date activities, with so many conventional spots like restaurants being closed at this point in time.

Expect more music and content from MINOE in the near future. She has promised an accompanying video to the recently released single once her latest Instagram post receives 300 comments.

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