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Two highly anticipated superhero projects, a drug drama starring Tom Holland and much more.

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New on Netflix

new on Netflix
Yes Day (new on Netflix)

Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez star in Yes Day, a family comedy about a family who says yes to everything for one day. The film reteams Garner with Miguel Arteta, who directed her in the weirdly similar Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day… although, as that film’s title states, that day was bad. It’s available to stream on Netflix alongside season 2 of the South Korean rom-com Love Alarm (which imagines a world where a phone app informs you of the vicinity of your crush, a sort of reverse Bumble crossed with the COVID Alert app), the British sci-fi drama The One, the Turkish drama Paper Lives and the final batch of episodes of the animated show Paradise PD

The Last Blockbuster is exactly what it sounds like: a documentary about the last Blockbuster video-rental store still standing in Bend, Oregon. It’s available as of March 15 alongside the reenactment-heavy docuseries The Lost Pirate Kingdom and the streaming releases of the films Shithouse and the WWII drama A Call to Spy starring Stana Katic and the film’s writer Sarah Megan Thomas. Other notable films being added include the horror film The Curse of La Llorona (March 14) starring Linda Cardellini, Michael Winterbottom’s The Wedding Guest (March 17) with Dev Patel, the third installment of the Skyline sci-fi series (titled, imaginatively, Skylines it’s out on March 18) and a new special from comedian Nate Bargatze. 

New on Amazon Prime Video

new on Netflix
The Godfather II (new on Amazon Prime Video)

There’s only one bit of original programming on Prime this week: Making Their Mark, a documentary series about the Australian Football League. Also coming to Prime this week are the three Godfather films, Saving Private Ryan, Sydney Pollack’s The Firm and Forrest Gump, all premiering on the service on March 15. There’s also the sleepy-Bruce-Willis action thriller Hard Kill coming to the service on March 18.

New on Crave

new on Cravefalcon
On the set of Zack Snyder’s Justice League (new on Crave)

The big-ticket item this week — and any week this year, to be honest — is Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the much-ballyhooed four-hour cut of Justice League that was essentially willed into existence by fans who demanded to see the director’s cut of the film that Snyder exited midway through filming for personal reasons. Most surmised that there wasn’t even a Snyder cut that existed, but here we are proven wrong with a titanic cut that’s twice as long as the original film. It drops on Crave on March 18 alongside the first five Batman films and Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman. Also available on the service this week, as of March 12, is the Canadian rom-com The Broken Hearts Gallery and the Dakota Fanning-starring punk film Vienna and the Fantomes

New on Apple TV+

new on Netflix
Cherry (new on Apple TV+)

Tom Holland stars in Cherry, a crime drama about an opioid addict and the criminal undertakings he must engage in to feed his addiction. The film is  directed by the Russo Brothers in their first non-superhero outing as directors since 2006’s You, Me and Dupree. Early reviews are, however, rather scattershot, with the film being compared unfavourably to similarly themed films of the ’90s. 

New on Disney Plus

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (new on Disney Plus)

Fresh off the end of WandaVision, Disney Plus soldiers on (pun intended) with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a new show starring Avengers Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which is out next Friday, March 19) seems much less formally challenging than WandaVision, but it goes without saying that the show is likely to do gangbusters business by association. 

New on CBC Gem

Room for Rent (new on CBC Gem)

Season 2 of Broad Appeal, starring This Hour Has 22 Minutes creators Mary Walsh and Cathy Jones, drops today on CBC Gem alongside the German miniseries Bad Banks, a financial drama starring Paula Beer (Frantz, Transit) and the documentary They Call Me Dr. Miami, about the Orthodox Jewish plastic surgeon known as Dr. Miami. Brett Gelman (Fleabag, Twin Peaks, Stranger Things) and Canadian comedian Mark Little (Mr. D, Picnicface) star in the film Room for Rent, about a broke man who takes in a renter who’s more than he bargained for.

New on Criterion Channel

new on Netflix
Sullivan’s Travels, from the Preston Sturges collection (new on Criterion Channel)

On Criterion Channel, you can stream eight films from legendary comedy director Preston Sturges, two documentaries from Black, queer, disabled director Rodney Evans, a selection of Hawaiian shorts from multiple directors, four (rarely seen) films by iconoclastic feminist French director Nelly Kaplan, 12 shorts by Charlie Chaplin and George Stevens’ seminal 1953 Western Shane. ■

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A weekly round-up of the new movies and TV series on Netflix, Crave, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Apple TV+, CBC Gem and Criterion Channel