What to do if online casinos are banned in your country?

Casino sites are banned in many countries.

Gambling has been in our society since time immemorial. It has started with traditional forms, later got modified with changing scenarios and technology. With the help of technology, casinos are modified to operate online through the web. And now, we have a variety of online casinos operating on the web for gamblers out there.  Gambling has been a popular past time for many players. But due to the addiction to the game, many countries have banned it.  There is a restriction on such sites. The government of that country imposes a fine also when the people get caught. 

It is normal for gamblers to go mad when their country bansonline casinos as they rely on it. However, some peopleimplement some tactics for the purpose. They make use of some ways to get access to their preferred casino sites. 

Ways to access the casinos’ sites when it is banned in your country 

Some countries ban casino sites because of their religion, like Islamic and Asian countries. At the same time, some countries do it to save the economy of the state. If you face such restrictions in your country in casino sites, this article is for you. To find one of the reliable casino outside of your government’s jurisdiction just search for the จี คลับ สล็อต and you’ll find Thai casinos accepting players from around the world.

Following are the steps that you can do for playing at a casino site in your banned country: 

1. Using Proxies 

Proxies are cheaper than VPN and VPS.  These are meant for hiding your IP address from the casino’s site. By this method,you can easily get access to the casino sites. VPNs also conceal your current location and IP address, but it is expensive. Proxies can be affordable for everybody. 

The proxy server does all work for you. The casino site retrievesthe data of the proxy server instead of your own. Since proxies are cheaper, it does not cover data encryptions. Your data can be at risk by this method.

2. Using VPS (virtual private server) 

This service doesn’t come cheap, like proxies.  It provides a secure network where data encryption is present for the user. The secure modes of geographical location restrictions are good for all types of gamblers.  If you have restrictions in your country for using casino sites, you can surely do it using such a service. 

To use this, you have to purchase the service in a country with low restrictions on casino sites.

3. Using VPN (Virtual Private Number) 

VPNs are widely used tools for accessing casino sites in banned countries. By this method, your current location can easily get concealed. And you can fully access the sites. With one of thewell-working VPN services, you can easily route your entry from the less restricted locations. This ensures your safety and also prevents a further blockage in accessing your preferred sites. VPN service also keeps your data safe due to its encryption facility. 


Casino sites are banned in many countries. But this doesn’t mean that the gamblers have to stop gambling. The ways as mentioned above can be used for accessing the sites in a fully secure way. You can use such services for getting access to preferred casino sites of banned countries.