Top Hits in Video Game Release Schedule for 2021

Here is what to expect from this year.

Perhaps gaming is that one field that does not come with an age requirement. From adults to little ones, there is something out for every age. While some consider this an activity to kill free time, or to wake the brain up after hours of exhausting work, others pursue a career as professional gamers. 

The invention of video games back in the early 90s brought a phenomenal change to the world, with gaming industries and computer scientists working side by side to produce modern games with innovative features. With that, each year introduced us to video games with enhanced graphics, catchy sounds, character customization as well as choosing our desired difficulty level. 

Video Gaming Over The Years

What once started as a ‘cathode ray amusement device’, has now evolved into widely famous gaming devices such as the PlayStation, and Xbox series. They not only consist of the game device but also come with consoles to control character movement. With recent modifications, now they come with cameras as well as virtual reality gear to make the gameplay more realistic than ever. Although video games were created as an activity to enjoy in one’s leisure time, it has now become a means of earning as well, with players streaming their unbeatable skills online, thus earning millions of views and of course, a good amount. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitch allow gamers to stream live gameplay, wherein they flaunt their moves or compete with other professional players online. 

The Best Ones From the Past 

There are numerous genres to choose from when it comes to naming a favorite game. Yet, some games win hearts all around despite the genre, just with vast publicity and high-quality gameplay. Let’s look at some of these games that were published early in the years and are yet, desired by a large population globally

  • Pac-Man (1980) – An arcade game that is still a favorite of many. 
  • Star Wars (1983) – Shot to fame instantly, as per being a game adaption of the movie. 
  • Super Mario Bros (1985) – Are they still not winning our hearts? Definitely yes. 
  • Mortal Kombat (1992) – One of the oldest fighting games with fantasy characters who get better and stronger each year, even today. 
  • Super Mario Kart (1992) – Published by Nintendo, this was an addition to the Super Mario World, but with racing karts. 
  • Doom (1992) – The ultimate first-person shooting game on PC, showing what devils and demons look like. 
  • Resident Evil (1996) – The first release in the horror series that showed us the zombie world, made even interesting with movie adaptations. 
  • Tomb Raider (1996) – The Action game with our favorite fantasy character, Lara Croft. 
  • Counter Strike (2000) – What started as a first-person shooting game, has now become a worldwide phenomenon with international competitions. 

Top Releases Scheduled for 2021

The year 2021 came about with the most important invention, the vaccine for the disastrous COVID-19 outbreak. People all over the world rejoiced in the good news. Even so, that is not the only good thing to look forward to this year. The gaming industries, as promised, are ready to bring their fans with newer editions to old classic games, as well as launch new games to increase the thrill. Here is what to expect from this year:

  1. Hitman 3 (January) – Released over Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, this the 8th installment to the hit series, and has already been termed the best one. 
  2. Apex Legends (March) – A new version of the multiplayer battle game, allowing squads to compete and achieve victory. 
  3. Marvel’s Avengers (March) – The much-awaited game allowing us to play with our favorite Marvel heroes. 
  4. Black Legend (March) – Dwell into a city with a dark secret, with the fear of a cut running around as you save it using tricks of alchemy. 
  5. Outriders (April) – A new addition to the action/combat genre, consisting of brutal fight scenes in high quality. 
  6. Judgement (April) – An action game launching within the PlayStation and Xbox series, taking players to become an investigator and unveil mysterious murders. 
  7. Resident Evil Village (May) – As if the memes have not piqued everyone’s interest, the introduction of new villains added more anticipation for this new release. 
  8. Chivalry 2 (June) – If you are a fan of hearing swords clash, and arrows flying around, this is just the game for you. 
  9. Back 4 Blood (June) – Join the fight against deadly creatures formed from a parasite. It is you, as the first-person shooter, versus the remains of the civilization. 
  10. Hot Wheels Unleashed (September) – Planned for release on Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, this game brings marvelous racing tracks.

The Future Promises

When it comes to modifications and advancements in the gaming sector, it is impossible to predict an end to it. Instead, we can only see a steady rise in the development of games with enhanced graphics, mesmerizing soundtracks, and smooth gameplay. In many of the cases, it is the response from the public which encourages the companies to work harder and release more versions. For instance, PUBG, the ultimate battleground for squad fights won a huge fan base all over the world, with millions and millions of new users every day. As of today, it is celebrating its third anniversary, with bigger rewards, newer characters, new maps, and new fighting techniques, all thanks to the massive audience response it has received since the launch. 

So is the case with online gambling, which noticed a high increase in players due to the pandemic and the restriction it inflicted over the physical casinos. With most of the players searching for solace online, gambling companies collaborated with programmers to release online casinos and slot machines to keep their fans entertained. Many countries were overjoyed, including Canada wherein people enjoyed paid as well as free online slots Canada. Seeing this hype, the future for online gambling is bright. Soon, the players will be using AR and VR headsets along with artificial intelligence to virtually bring their favorite casinos home.