Shiller Lavy’s Stephen Shiller was one of the Au bon marché boys

The infamous landlord once peddled blinds in some famously cheesy ads.

Stephen Shiller and Dan Lavy have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The two landlords have come under controversy for reportedly increasing the rent of beloved Mile End bookstore S.W. Welch by 150%.

However, this is far from Stephen Shiller’s first time in the spotlight. Throughout the 1980s and ’90s, Shiller appeared in the famous Au bon Marché commercials with his father David and brother Richard. Stephen carried on a rich family tradition of swinging his arms, speaking French with a painfully anglophone accent and, most importantly, saying, “Oui Papa!”

Au bon Marché has since rebranded as Marché du Store (aka Blinds to Go) and has over a dozen locations across Quebec. Richard has worked as a purchasing manager for Marché du Store, according to a Journal de Montréal article, and he’s currently head of human resources. As for Stephen, he bought his father’s shares of the company for $40-million in 2008.

Stephen Shiller’s partner Dan Lavy spoke to Cult MTL earlier this week to refute the claims of S.W. Welch’s rent hike.

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