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Popcorngate: Quebec to compensate movie theatres for lost food revenue

Cinemas across Quebec will be open next week, but concession stands will remain closed.

Quebec Premier François Legault announced in a press conference this morning that the province’s movie theatres will be compensated for lost revenue due to the ban on sales of popcorn and other food and drink in cinemas. He referred to the issue as “popcorngate” because Vince Guzzo of Cinémas Guzzo has been complaining publicly this week about the notion of reopening movie theatres without the significant revenue generated by the concession stand.

“I hope he’ll be happy,” Legault said in reference to Guzzo, who, he noted, is “very present on Twitter” and has made a number of negative comments about the Premier and the province’s public health team.

Movie theatres in orange zones have already reopened, while cinemas in red zones will be allowed to open as of next Friday, Feb. 26.

There was no popcorngate when movie theatres reopened in June because food sales and the consumption of food while seated in the theatre were allowed. Moviegoers had to wear masks at all times, except when eating at their seat, and maintain a 1.5 to 2-metre distance. Cinemas closed for a second time on Oct. 1 when parts of the province were designated pandemic red zones.

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