Justin Trudeau Donald Trump impeachment

Joaquin Castro and Justin Trudeau

Trudeau statement on Capitol siege used against Trump in impeachment trial

Watch our PM get a shout-out from the Dems during Trump Impeachment II.

A statement from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was used in the case against former president Donald Trump during the ongoing Senate impeachment trial on Thursday.

In reaction to the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Trudeau said in a Jan. 8 press conference that, “What we witnessed was an assault on democracy by violent rioters incited by the current President and other politicians.”

See the video from the Trump impeachment trial below:

Congressman Joaquin Castro reads the statement by Justin Trudeau during the Trump impeachment trial on Thursday

Today, Trump’s defence will make their case that he didn’t incite the siege, a failed insurrection that left 5 people dead and 140 injured.

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