The homeless are officially exempt from the Quebec curfew

The province has announced that they will not appeal the Superior Court decision.

UPDATED Jan. 27 10 a.m.: Quebec Superior Court Judge Chantal Massé has ruled that the homeless no longer have to abide by the curfew imposed by the provincial government. The challenge to the curfew’s enforcement among the homeless was brought by Montreal’s Mobile Legal Clinic on Monday.

According to a CTV report, Massé ruled on Tuesday that the curfew “discriminates and disproportionately hurts” the homeless and “poses a threat to their health and safety.”

On Wednesday morning the province responded to the ruling by stating that they will not appeal:

“We have taken note of the decision rendered last night and do not intend to challenge it. Since the start of the curfew, our desire has been for people experiencing homelessness to be guided to the right resources and not to bring them to justice.”

—Health and Social Services Minister Lionel Carmant
Quebec government responds to curfew exemption for the homeless

On Tuesday evening, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante — who has been seeking this exemption from the province since the tragic death of a homeless man on Parc Avenue on Jan. 17 (a request denied by Premier Legault) — commented on the ruling on Twitter:

“This decision will make life easier for people experiencing homelessness and for those working in the field who support them.”

—Valérie Plante
The homeless are officially exempt from the Quebec curfew

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