Montreal police solve homelessness

Montreal police try to fix their image on the homeless with a pathetic video

WATCH: One real cop, one STM cop and one social worker are making VIPs of the sans-abris one metro stop at a time.

The SPVM has shared a video of an endeavour they’re engaged in to deal with homeless people in metro stations, in partnership with the STM and la Société de Développement Social. In short, one Montreal police officer, one STM inspector and one social worker have, since the end of November, been roaming the metro system to talk to homeless people who are loitering there this winter, and guide them towards better shelter, ie. toss them out. In their defence, they also provide snacks and masks and tell them about resources they can use to improve their situation, but this is a pretty pathetic action plan (one team for the entire metro?), and the timing of the video’s release is even more dubious. The police posted this video last week at the height of bad press about ticketing the homeless during the Quebec curfew (not to mention the death of a homeless man who froze while hiding from the SPVM in a port-o-potty).

Watch the video here:

Montreal police video features slow-motion black & white footage of people walking

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