docu-dramas CCA

Watch the CCA’s Docu-Dramas series of films & discussions

The Canadian Centre for Architecture films will be streaming from Dec. 17 through March 11.

The CCA has started streaming Docu-Dramas, a series of five films (and discussions with the subjects) about architects from around the world, from Dec. 17 to March 11.

“Docu-Dramas presents contemporary architects talking about their work, through the kinds of images they would normally exclude from a lecture: ordinary documents like contracts, budgets, estimates, SMS and chat messages, research and administrative files. Narrated, these dull objects can become evidence for the complex and contingent reality of architectural practice embedded in a messy world.”

—Canadian Centre for Architecture

The line-up for the CCA Docu-Dramas series is as follows:

December 17: Wolff Architects (Cape Town)
January 28: KOSMOS Architects (Basel/Zurich/Moscow)
February 11: Al Borde (Quito)
February 25: People’s Architecture Office (Shenzen/Boston)
March 11: TBC

For more details and to watch the films, please visit the CCA website.

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