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Trudeau was asked if he’ll be on the priority list for the COVID-19 vaccine

Should the Prime Minister be prioritized for the COVID-19 vaccine?

In a press conference today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked what the priority will be for first responders, teachers and politicians like himself to be vaccinated once a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

“The priority is to get the vaccine out to the most vulnerable Canadians quickly, but we have a panel of top experts and scientists looking directly into these challenging, ethical and societal questions of who gets vaccine access first. There are more conversations to come and we will keep Canadians informed as we determine what that right order of priority is.

“Certain vaccines might be more effective with certain populations than with others, and that’s why the experts are going to be so important in making determinations around what is the best path to move forward. In regards to where politicians are on that list, I’m going to trust experts to make the right determination on what the priority populations are.”

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