Finless Skateboard Co. 2

Montreal tour manager launches Finless Skateboard Co., a family affair

“There is an inextricable connection between skateboarding and music.”

Montrealer Dan McKay is a career tour manager who’s worked with the likes of Cypress Hill, Metric and Eagles of Death Metal, to name a few. With all touring having been put on hold this year, McKay has pivoted to another passion, one not too far removed from the culture he’s been professionally immersed in till now.

“There is an inextricable connection between skateboarding and music,” he says. “As a life-long entrepreneur and independent contractor, I’ve always dreamt of one day sharing a business formed out of passion with my children.

“My journey through this pandemic has allowed me to reconnect with the touring community, through the creation of Finless Skateboard Co. While it’s hard to determine what the future of touring will be, I know that I’m doing what I can to provide hope and to inspire my children.”

For more about Finless Skateboard Co., please watch the video below. You can donate to McKay’s Kickstarter (deadline Dec. 17) here.

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