Canadians sick COVID-19

Photo by Andrea-Piacquadio

A new COVID-19 survey reveals Canadians’ experiences with the deadly virus

Over one-third of respondents were afraid of dying from COVID-19 at some point during their battle with the virus.

Leger Marketing has completed a new poll of Canadians who had contracted COVID-19 to analyze their experience with the virus. According to the survey results, 35% of Canadians who’ve contracted COVID-19 were afraid of dying from it at some point during their battle with it. Additionally, 43% of respondents say they felt very sick after contracting the virus, and, of these, 27% mentioned that they’d never been so sick before. 

The survey also found that respondents were sick for about 13 days, on average. 24% of respondents also claimed that someone close to them died from COVID-19. For the full list of results and methodology, please click here.

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