Donald Trump Elections Canada voter fraud

Donald Trump retweeted Elections Canada to try to prove voter fraud


In a bizarre and unfortunate Canada-related twist in the 2020 U.S. election saga, Donald Trump shared an Elections Canada tweet about how they have never used voting and vote-counting machines, only paper ballots that are hand-counted. In Trump’s mind, presumably, this supports his contention that voter fraud flipped the presidential election on Nov. 3 in Joe Biden’s favour, even though there is zero evidence of this.

The outgoing Trump administration and some of their supporters in the U.S. government have made baseless public claims about voter fraud due to the overwhelming number of mail-in ballots submitted in the election, and Trump lawyers have filed a number of lawsuits in recent weeks that were quickly thrown out of court. The U.S. presidential election is considered by experts to be the most secure in the country’s history due to the level of scrutiny involved.

Donald Trump retweets Elections Canada to support his claims of voter fraud

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