Quebec closing schools

Quebec considering closing schools temporarily

Legault stated for the millionth time that closing schools is the last thing he wants to do, and yet here we are.

In a press conference this afternoon, Quebec Premier François Legault addressed the news (that was broken earlier today following a leak to La Presse) that the province is considering closing schools temporarily to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The school closures, if they happen, would come in the form of an extended Christmas break — exactly when, where and for how long is of course unknown, though it has been suggested that the extension around the usual holiday break would last for a month.

Part of the raison d’être for closing schools in Quebec, aside from the obvious curbing of COVID-19 outbreaks — schools are currently one of the main sites of infection in the province, along with workplaces — is the notion that more days off around Christmas and New Year’s Eve might allow for family gatherings between two households. The province is considering allowing such gatherings for the holidays.

Across Quebec, 1,174 classrooms have been closed following COVID-19 outbreaks, 324 in the last two days alone. ■

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