MAPP_MTL | Instagram. Photo by Yasuko Tadokoro

Incredible projections by MAPP_MTL light up Montreal at night

Safe outdoor art instead of visiting family this weekend.

The Montreal International Mapping Projection Festival, MAPP_MTL, was on from Sept. 24 to 27, but there’s still time to catch some of their incredible projections around the city. Thursdays through Sundays from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. until Oct. 18, check out the PichiAvo mural from MURAL Festival in the parking lot at 3527 St-Laurent light up with MAPP_MTL’s mapping and laser show care of Baillat Studio, featuring original music by Montreal artist Hologramme.

For more details on programming, please visit the MAPP_MTL website.

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