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François Legault had a good laugh when asked about “danse contact” during COVID-19

The Premier had to remind Quebecers again that lap dances are forbidden.

In an otherwise very serious press conference this afternoon about the COVID-19 situation in Quebec, a CBC reporter asked Premier François Legault about “danse contact” (ie. lap dances at strip clubs) being banned. Legault laughed and made reference to what appeared to be an inside joke with the reporter.

Reporter: “How discouraging is it for you to have to repeat this afternoon that any type of contact dancing isn’t allowed during the pandemic?” the reporter laughs.

Legault: “(laughs) You would be the one asking this question (laughs). It’s already forbidden, what can I tell you more than that? It’s forbidden.”

Reporter: “(laughs) But people don’t respect the rules.”

Legault: “For some types of contact, unfortunately some people don’t respect the rules (laughs).”

Watch the video of the press conference below (the question is asked at the 56:40 mark):

Premier Legault and health minister to speak

Premier François Legault and Health Minister Christian Dubé are expected to provide an update on COVID-19.

Posted by CityNews Montreal on Friday, September 11, 2020
François Legault asked about danse contact at Quebec government COVID-19 press conference

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