Société des arts technologiques Montreal SAT Fest 2020 Satosphere short films

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Société des arts technologiques in Montreal extends SAT Fest until Aug. 28

A mesmerizing experience inside the Satosphere dome.

Société des arts technologiques in Montreal has just extended its SAT Fest run to Aug. 28. The festival is showcasing seven visually impressive short films, and takes place in the Satosphere, a dome theatre with a 360-degree projection screen.

“For this 7th edition, the films immerse us in an enigmatic sound and visual atmosphere, sometimes even dreamlike. If some short films offer us pure abstraction — like Immersive by French filmmakers Jérémy Oury and Antoine Briot — others play with tension, with a certain ambiguity between samples of the real and the imaginary, as for Breach by Lu Yi (Taiwan) and Sébastien Labrunie ( France) and Paradoxa from Spanish designers Onionlab.”

The festival will take place Wednesdays through Fridays throughout August, and is scheduled at two 45-minute time-slots with screenings at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. To comply with health and safety guidelines, a mask must be worn while inside SAT, and a maximum of 50 attendees will be accepted per performance. Regular-priced tickets are $20 and $16 for students, and the Culinary Lab is providing a dinner and show package for $56. For tickets and show info, please visit the SAT website.

SAT Fest 2020 at Société des arts technologiques in Montreal has been extended until August 28 and includes short films like Immersive by Jérémy Oury and Antoine Briot, Breach by Lu Yi and Sébastien Labrunie, Paradoxa by Onionlab, and more.

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