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Plant-based chicken is now available at KFC across Canada

Mystery plant meat is actually pretty good.

KFC Canada has announced that their new plant-based chicken is available in Montreal and across the country. For now, the new plant-based chicken offerings, which have been developed with Lightlife Foods, are available in the form of regular and spicy chicken sandwich combos and boxes, as well as their popcorn chicken, and prices appear to be the same as their chicken equivalents.

KFC has temporarily changed their logo from red to green, in honour of their new menu items. As per a response to a comment in the Instagram post below, the new plant-based chicken options should be permanent menu items and will be available “everywhere, forever.”

For the record, we tried the sandwich and plant-based popcorn, and both are pretty good, especially the sandwich.

For more details, please visit the KFC Canada website.

Plant-based chicken is now available at KFC in Montreal and across Canada, developed in part with Lightlife Foods

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