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André Chivinski from Sherbrooke (Québec), Canada / CC0

Legault pleads with Trudeau to help settle the strike at the Port of Montreal

2,500 trucks per day leave the port with goods.

Quebec Premier François Legault has just requested assistance from the Canadian government in order to resolve an unlimited labour dispute at the Port of Montreal, Canada’s second largest port. Over 1,100 workers have been on strike since Aug. 10 demanding shorter hours for a more manageable work-life balance. Longshore workers are expected to work early mornings, late nights and holidays and have been without a contract since 2018.

“This strike has significant impacts for the Port of Montreal, but also, and above all, on importers, exporters, businesses and ultimately on all citizens of Quebec,” says Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity.

“I remind you that the Port of Montreal is a strategic element and a pillar of the economic vitality of Quebec and is at the heart of the smooth running of thousands of Quebec businesses. The Port of Montreal’s activities represent 19,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs. So I am extremely concerned about the current situation, especially if it continues. Due to the difficult economic climate that is hitting the Quebec workforce hard, it is essential to maintain negotiations and dialogue to limit the impact on the economy and the population.”

–Jean Boulet, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity

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“The federal government must intervene to settle the labor dispute at the Port of Montreal. This conflict is seriously hurting our economy. A lot of jobs are at stake.”

—François Legault
François Legault pleads with Justin Trudeau and the Canadian Government to help settle the Port of Montreal strike

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