Montreal International Documentary Festival RIDM

RIDM film festival extended to three weeks for 2020 hybrid edition

Events will be held in-person and online.

The Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) has just announced that its 23rd edition will take place from Nov. 12 to Dec. 2. This year’s edition of the film festival is being referred to as a “hybrid,” incorporating events both in-person and online. The reason for the festival’s extension to three weeks — almost double the length of the 2019 edition — is so that they can hold more “lower-density in-person events” to ensure proper social distancing.

“Screening films in theatres is, more than ever, the raison d’être guiding the RIDM’s passionate team. By producing this first-ever online section, we plan to serve filmmakers and their films better by adapting effectively to digital technology, for the long term.”

–Sofia Laroussi, executive director

The 2020 film festival program will be announced on Oct. 21.

For more details on the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) this year, please visit their website.

The 23rd edition of the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) has been extended to three weeks this year for a new hybrid edition

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