Welcome to Sodom Cinéma sous les étoiles Funambules Médias

Welcome to Sodom

Cinéma sous les étoiles, home edition, starts July 28

12 feature and 24 short documentaries to be screened on TV5 and online over two months.

Funambules Médias’s annual Cinéma sous les étoiles is presenting a home edition of the Montreal documentary film festival this year, screening 12 feature-length films on TV5, for those who have TV, and online. The live discussion with filmmakers and experts following each film, as well as the competitive program of 24 short films, will be presented exclusively online.

Funambules Médias announces the home edition of Montreal documentary film festival Cinéma sous les étoiles

The films that make up the programming for the 11th edition of the festival — which runs July 28 to Sept. 24 — focus on themes including colonialism and racism, the environment, feminism, social struggles and class struggles, democracy, neoliberalism, artificial intelligence.

The opening film, 2018 German documentary Welcome to Sodom, is about a toxic electronic waste dump in Ghana that is routinely picked over by children. The screening, on Tuesday, July 28 at 7 p.m., will be followed by a talk about waste management and planned obsolescence. ■

See the complete programming and TV5/online screening details on the Funambules Médias Cinéma sous les étoiles website.

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