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The SAQ has three new labels to make it easy to support Quebec products

A great time to support local!

The Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) has just released three new identification labels on their website and in stores to highlight their Quebec products and encourage shoppers to support local businesses. The product labels will include three main categories:

Origine Québec: Products made by Quebecers with Quebec ingredients

Made in Québec: Products developed by Quebecers with ingredients from Quebec and elsewhere

Bottled in Québec: Products from elsewhere bottled by Quebec businesses

With such a great selection of Quebec products, it’s an excellent time to support all the local options developed and produced by businesses here.

From the SAQ website:

“By buying local products, you’re not only supporting the talent and creativity of Quebec producers, you’re also encouraging the local economy and reducing your ecological consumer footprint. So go ahead, add some Quebec to your cart!”

For more information on the initiative to support Quebec products, and to check out some great local options at the SAQ, please visit their website.

The SAQ has three new labels to make it easy to support local Quebec products and businesses

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