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The All Lives Matter T-shirt is still being sold at Walmart Canada

Walmart has essentially blamed the third-party seller.

Walmart Canada was called out yesterday for selling an All Lives Matter T-shirt on their website, and the shirt is still being sold online despite much criticism.

Kate Udle called out Walmart Canada for selling an All Lives Matter T-shirt online

Twitter user Kate Udle first tagged Walmart in the post yesterday, and Walmart’s response essentially blamed the third-party seller:

“Hello Kate. This item is sold and shipped by a third party seller. We’ve forwarded your comments to the appropriate department to look into further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”

The third-party seller that Walmart is referring to is called Old Glory, and their wide range of inventory includes Trump baby onesies, as well as T-shirts with slogans like “#beast” on them. The seller clearly tries to appeal a broad clientele, as their product range also includes shirts for the LGBTQ community and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Udle’s response to Walmart Canada was simple and to the point: “It’s your website — therefore your responsibility. Period.”

Walmart is also being criticized for selling Blue Lives Matter/Police Lives Matter products.

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