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Justin Trudeau’s message to war veterans for the anniversary of D-Day

“Our veterans served with courage and selflessness. And they served together.”

Justin Trudeau delivered a message yesterday to all Canadians about war veterans and Juno Beach for the anniversary of D-Day, which happened 76 years ago today. It was a message of hope, and about working together as Canadians to get through the COVID-19 crisis.

“We are living in unprecedented times, but this is not the first moment that Canadians have been called to work together,” Justin Trudeau said. “This weekend, as we mark the anniversary of D-Day, we remember all those who fought and died defending the values that we hold dear. Like the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces today, our veterans served with courage and selflessness. And they served together. Just as we stand here this morning because of their sacrifice, Canadian troops stood on Juno Beach because of those who came before them. Because of the allied forces who had the same week four years earlier completed the rescue of over 300,000 soldiers trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk. It was a remarkable operation, not just because of the number of lives that were saved. But because of the number of people who help save them. Hundreds of everyday men and women gave their boats to rescue their fellow citizens. They would have never succeeded alone. Together, they changed the course of history. 80 years later, as we face our own fight, their stories stand as a reminder to us all. Right now we each have a role to play. No matter what you’re doing to help, thank you. If we keep working together and we keep supporting each other, we will get through this.”

The D-Day anniversary message starts at 27:17 of the video below.

Message from Justin Trudeau to war veterans at Juno Beach for the anniversary of D-Day

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