Why Customer Support Matters to Canadians

Canadians possess a willingness to interact with one another on a large scale.

Canadians are known the world over for being nice. It is a reputation that has reached far and wide, with it arguably being the first thing to pop into someone’s head upon the mention of Canada. At the very least, it comes second after maple syrup, of which it produces about 80% of the world’s supply!

For tourists, there is now almost an expectation upon visiting the country to be blown away by this so called niceness. We have all seen the viral images demonstrating how polite Canadians can be, whether it is a loving message in the form of graffiti or an angry note that reads more like an admission of love. But what exactly does this mean in practice?

What Makes Canadians So Nice?

While these viral examples do speak to the overall niceness of Canadians, they serve more as the cherry on top, rather than the all-purpose flour that makes up the foundation.

Canadians are nice, check. Canadians are polite, check. But what actually makes this so?

As a nation, they possess a severe willingness to interact with one another on a large scale. Politicians often speak of creating a sense of community that is ingrained in the fabric of a society. Unfortunately, in many cases, a throw away comment in a speech in an attempt to gain votes is often as far as this sentiment goes.

This is perhaps why things are different in Canada.

Canadians actively maintain a sense of community on a daily basis. They are on the front lines engaging with their fellow man – checking in on their elderly neighbours, holding the door at the grocery store and offering to help a confused tourist desperately grasping a map. It is not that these acts of kindness don’t happen in other countries, or that nothing bad happens in Canada – it does – but there certainly appears to be a huge amount of truth in the theory that Canadians are amongst the nicest people in the world. A study from McMaster University has even found that this mass politeness extends into the digital world, with Canadians using polite and/or positive language on Twitter far more often than their American counterparts.

How do Canadians Earn Trust?

Canadians posses a natural urge to connect with one another, whether this is face to face or online. Canadians like to talk things through, to figure things out as a team, and they like to do these conversational tasks with resounding positivity. The art of conversation is an important element of being Canadian, and it is at the root of their ability to trust. It is the reason why the fact that Karamba is now offering customer support to Canadian players is so important. If you are willing to gamble online, it is a natural response to want to be able to connect with the people you are trusting with your money.

In order for a company to gain the trust of Canadians, they need to offer a point of contact. In its simplest form, customer support is a conversation, and this is something that is not only at the heart of every business, but at the heart of every Canadian too. It is this inherent need to understand and connect with the other that makes customer support matter so much to Canadians.