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Quebec government to offer financial aid for film and TV productions

“It will be a lot more difficult to shoot love scenes, but I trust the arts and the young people are going to find a way to respect the guidelines.”

In this afternoon’s press briefing, Quebec Premier François Legault spoke about the unique challenges faced by creators of film and TV productions, and how the province is ready to step in to assist.

“I’m having a meeting this afternoon with Nathalie Roy, the Minister of Culture, and we’re going to be announcing to you over the next few days programs to help people (working in film and TV in Quebec) financially, to help the production of art,” Legault said. “Common sense tells us that there are productions that are possible, where two metres can be respected. It will be a lot more difficult to shoot love scenes, but I trust the arts and the young people are going to be able to find a way to respect the guidelines.

“I want to say that Quebecers look forward to seeing our artists again,” he added. “It would do us all good it would raise our spirits.”

Legault also addressed the frustration felt in the various sectors of the economy that remain shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages from people who are asking, ‘When is it going to be my turn?'” Legault said. “I’m thinking about gyms and restaurants and camping, professional sports, hotels — I just want to say we haven’t forgotten you. We have a full list and we have regular discussions with public health to know when we can (reopen different sectors) gradually. The idea is the same (as with everything else): We can’t take the risk of having too much traffic in our hospitals. We have to spread it out over a certain amount of time.”

To date all Quebec retail stores (with an exterior door) have been granted permission to reopen, and the manufacturing and construction sectors have started up again, too. It was also announced today that malls outside of Montreal can reopen on June 1. Museums and libraries across the province are reopening this Friday, May 29.

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