IGA stadium stade outdoor tennis court

Outdoor tennis courts at IGA Stadium to reopen Wednesday

“Only singles play is permitted – no more than two players per court.”

The Government of Quebec and City of Montreal have given IGA Stadium the go-ahead to reopen its outdoor tennis courts on Wednesday, May 20. Reservations can be made online starting on Tuesday, and by phone on Wednesday.

The first phase of the reopening will prevent access to the indoor facilities, including the indoor tennis courts, washrooms and locker rooms. The courts will be limited to singles play (no doubles), and no spectators will be permitted on site. Players are also asked to follow the “play and leave model”, where you’re asked to leave the premises as soon as your reservation is over.

Asphalt tennis courts

The full health and safety measures for Phase 1 of the reopening are as follows:

1. Only singles play is permitted – no more than two players per court. No guests will be permitted.

2. Only recreational play is permitted at this time. Private tennis lessons and baskets of balls are therefore prohibited.

3. During Phase 1, we are operating under the model of “play and leave”. We ask that you do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of your reservation and leave the facility as soon as your reservation has ended.

4. During Phase 1, access to our indoor facilities is prohibited. This closure includes:

* The locker rooms, showers and washrooms located in our indoor facilities as well as washrooms located outdoor within Centre Court.
* The reception and bistro areas
* The offices of Tennis Québec, Tennis Montréal and Tennis Canada
* The Tenniszon boutique

5. No spectators will be permitted in the court enclosure. If you wish to supervise your child or accompany any other player, you must do so in the Jarry Park area located outside the boundaries of the courts and maintain a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) from players and other visitors.

6. We must adhere to social distancing protocols, such as maintaining a distance of 2 metres (6 feet) at all times and we encourage people to wear masks when social distancing is not possible.

For more details on the reopening of outdoor tennis courts in Montreal, please visit the IGA Stadium website.

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