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Justin Trudeau’s message to parents as $300 CCB bonus is paid

“Together we will get through this.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau closed his daily COVID-19 update today with a message to parents, who received an extra $300 per child (under 18) with their Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payment today.

“No matter who you are or where you live, we are here to support you,” Prime Minister Trudeau said. “So I want to end this morning by reminding parents that when you receive your Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payment today, it will include an extra $300 per child. This is money to help you through this very tough time.

“It’s not easy raising children these days, but you are all doing a great job. Despite all the challenges out there and the problems we are facing together as a society, our parents are doing a wonderful job every single day. So continue your great work and we will be there to support you. Together we will get through this.”

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Message from Justin Trudeau to parents in Canada as $300 Canada Child Benefit (CCB) bonus is paid.