Bombay Bicycle Club Everything Else Has Gone Wrong

Everything Else Has Gone Wrong by Bombay Bicycle Club

The band from London ended a three-year hiatus to make this, their fifth studio album.

Bombay Bicycle Club, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong (Mmm…)

Bombay Bicycle Club is the definition of a sleeper pick. I know I’ve been neglecting these guys whenever spotify alerts me to a new single, but for any indie-psych lover, BBC puts out consistently catchy and well produced music for your daily commute. With Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, what you see is what you get, but if the post-classic-rock superstructure intro “Get Up” catches your fancy, the other 11 tracks are bound to satisfy. Is Everything Else Has Gone Wrong gonna be at the top of your playlist? No. But you’ll definitely catch yourself itching for a few replays once you sink your teeth in for the first time. 7/10 Trial Track: “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong”

Everything Else Has Gone Wrong by Bombay Bicycle Club

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