Which box mattress has the best bounce?

Four bed-in-a-box companies sent us their queen mattresses to critique. Here are our in-depth reviews.

Box mattresses have become trendy because of their easy delivery and promises of extended trial periods. While Canadian celebrities like Jan Arden and Tanya Kim supposedly swear by Endy mattresses, comfort and sleep quality is all that really gets talked about when it comes to this foam mattress revolution. What they never get into is whether this very essential piece of furniture is actually going to improve your sex life or just outright kill it.

While this latest generation of foam mattresses really do mold to your body, providing support all over, some of them can feel like sinking into a giant marshmallow, which is not exactly conducive to recreational activity that requires a little spring-back.

Cult MTL was able to obtain four mattresses from different Montreal and Canadian retailers — Jump Bed, Endy, Silk and Snow and Hamuq — to test them out and judge whether or not they’re ideal for fucking. After months of careful research and rigorous test-driving, here are our findings:

Jump Bed mattress


Made by Quebec’s own Matelas Bonheur, the Jump Bed is the local mattress company’s entry into the bed-in-a-box field. What really stood out about it was the ooey-ghooey “Jump-Air” foam feeling. Jump uses their own type of foam for these mattresses as a cooler alternative to memory foam, and it absolutely does leave you feeling less sweaty. It also had a removable, washable top, which is handy.

But while the Jump Bed was really cozy and had absolutely no motion transfer — for those of you who like the idea of keeping a wine glass on the mattress while you do other things without it spilling — the sinking was a bit too much. Truthfully it felt like trying to fuck in one of those foam pits that kids jump into at trampoline parks: the more you weigh, the harder you have to work to fight your way out. So, any bouncing or pelvic action felt like twice the work and, at the end of the experiment, made for sore knees.

Endy mattress


Endy, the national brand endorsed by so many celebs, is another memory foam mattress, and had a similar feel to the Jump Bed. The Endy hype is somewhat justified — you really, really do sleep well and it’s perfect if you’re looking at mattresses with better sleep as a prime objective. It also comes with a zip-off top that you can throw in the wash. When it came to binge-watching TV on my laptop with the cat, Endy really provided for the best cuddling experience, but not so much for sex.

We again had a similar problem with Endy that we had with Jump: because you’re sinking into slowly retracting foam, it made fun-time a lot more tiring than it had to be. I mean, it totally depends on what you do in the sack, right? If you’re only going to go for a few minutes and everybody is happy, who gives a fuck? The extra workout will make for a good sleep afterwards. But if you want to go for a while or get into anything adventurous, while Endy does provide for good stability, it also made every thrust more work.

Silk and Snow


Looking for an altogether different type of mattress in a box, we were able to obtain two foam/coil hybrids. The first we tried out was Silk and Snow. Silk and Snow is like a traditional coil mattress but with a memory foam top, similar to a pillow top but cushier. This mattress was very comfortable and had a certain amount of firmness to it but it also featured a decent spring-back. My three-year-old snuck into my room and jumped on this one with absolute glee.

More importantly, Silk and Snow’s combination of cushy and springy made it absolutely perfect for really athletic sex. It had all of the softness of the memory foam beds, but this one in particular was the firmest and bounciest. If you’re planning a party in your bed, this is the one to go with.

Hamuq mattress

The Hamuq mattress is similar to Silk and Snow, with exceptional bounce and a memory foam top for extra comfort. This boxed mattress is the heaviest of the bunch and is absolutely ideal for anyone who wants to get busy and stay busy. It essentially has the same springy retraction as a standard coil mattress. What we really loved about it was that it was springy and felt really, really durable while also being very soft.

As you lie on the Hamuq, you feel like you’re falling into a giant puffy cloud, but one you could use as a trampoline in a pinch. This one was my personal favourite, the best marriage of the boxed mattress concept and a traditional mattress. For someone who likes a deep sleep but also has an active sex life, this is the top pick.

Happy cuffing season! ■

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