A juicy burger and fries is the ultimate American food. Photo by M Liao, Attribution CC BY 2.0

Where to “Eat American” in Montreal

Perhaps you’re an ex-pat who’s missing good old American junk food, or maybe you’re just passing through Montreal and have a real hankering for a burger.

Whatever the reason, you’ll be delighted to hear that Montreal has plenty of options for places to indulge. Whether it’s fried chicken and chips or gooey cheese nachos, you’re well catered for in this city.

Super Bowl and Snacks at Champs

The Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood is normally known for its arts scene, so before lunch that might be something to check out. However, if you’re likely to be nervously awaiting the deciding game for the winners of the Super Bowl then chances are there’s no place you’d rather be than Champs Sports Bar. This huge bar has plenty of space for excitable football fans, a myriad of television screens, cheap beer and a great food menu too. This no-frills joint also has a fuss-free approach when it comes to dining; choose from a selection of naughty snacks like sticky chicken wings, nachos and fries. Although it sounds like nothing special, everything is perfectly cooked and seasoned to order. It’s proper American junk food and when the Super Bowl is on, would you really want anything else? This approach has made Champs one of the most beloved sports bars in Montreal, so grab yourself a beer and some snacks, it might just ease the tension of the upcoming game.

New York Style Pizza

New York Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. Photo by Hungry Dudes, Attribution CC BY 2.0

There are a couple of options for New York-style pizza in Montreal, but the one that makes this list is Adamo. This pizzeria makes the thinnest crusts in Montreal, the kind that you really have to fold to get a good mouthful of. The toppings are plentiful, with a rich tomato sauce and plenty of well melted and browned cheese forming the base for their slices. A pizza that has divided the city is their smoked brisket and pickles pizza. Some can’t even stand the thought of it but try a slice and you’ll see just how right it is. Smokey beef brisket is slow-cooked and pulled giving a deep barbecue flavour to the pizza, whilst salty, zingy pickles cut through that smoke and cheese. It’s a mouth-watering bite and the reason that Adamo wins best New York-style pizza hands down.

The Juiciest Burger

Paulo & Suzanne gets the prize for the best burger. Of course in Montreal, there are plenty of burger options – many that come with thick French patties, a brioche bun, skin-on fries or a truffle mayo – but Paulo & Suzanne get the American Diner burger just right. This 24-hour eatery has been a staple here since 1980, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect the almighty burger.

If you’re after something sizeable but simple then the Paulo burger is a great option; stuffed with twice the patties and twice the cheese of a normal cheeseburger, this really is a bit naughty, but seriously delicious. If you’re after something totally ridiculous then opt for La Bamba. This burger toes the line between monstrosity and masterpiece, with juicy beef patties, fresh guacamole, crisp bacon, deep-fried and breaded jalapeƱo poppers, two types of cheese, as well as mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup. It’s more than enough to satisfy any appetite!