Caveboy. Photo by Kelly Jacob

Caveboy designed an interactive game to launch a new single

The Montreal band designed an interactive game to unlock “Hide Your Love.”

Montrealers Michelle Bensimon, Isabelle Banos and Lana Cooney are Caveboy, the new-wave-inspired dance-punk-fueled trio behind singles like “Home Is Where” and “Something Like Summer.” Their newest song, “Hide Your Love” will be released next week (Sept. 4).

Caveboy embarked on an innovative marketing campaign to promote the single, designing an interactive escape-room-style game via their Instagram wherein fans can decode clues to unlock pieces of the song today, Aug. 26, through Friday, Aug. 30. Participants can use the comments section on the post to form teams, share ideas and ask for hints, but the band also asks that solutions not be shared there on any other platform — “keep it fun for everyone…don’t be a jerk!”

Here’s what the band had to say about the single and the game:

“The song ‘Hide Your Love’ explores the feelings that come with losing real and meaningful connections in life because of technology and social media. It expresses a longing for the simple days when we would connect and communicate with each other in person and experience all the good and bad that came from that. This game hopes to help connect people through play, nostalgia and teamwork.”

For more about the song and the game, click here. ■